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Chilling at Home

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

What are ways to make a daycation when your work day looks like a spreadsheet?

First of all organize-- have some tasty drinks on hand. Lemon balm tea is a great anxiety relieving tea that works just as well as many medicines. Having a good snack is essential so you are not running around

Take some time to do some simple energy clearing exercises and stretch. Stretching relieves serious tension, helps provide stillness and a way to find calm in a busy day. If you can find resting time while you stretch, you can come back to your work with a refreshed state of mind and be able to focus more.

Meditate-- meditation can take 5 minutes or 30-- even a little bit counts. If you become a Love Tech Energy client, I can create a simple meditation exercise for you to get the results you want and create new ones each week for my clientele. This week I have been doing a centering meditation. First, take a deep belly breath in and release. Take some time to find a sense of peace and calm within your belly, find your center and core. We all get pushed around like crazy in the world-- how can we find our sense of quiet and calm? Find a spot and relax. What does that safe place feel like? Can we notice how it feels in relation to the outer world? Try to come back to this place within the week to find a sense of yourself.

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