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Welcome to lovetechenergy

Clients from Tesla, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, NASA, Adobe, Stanford, Cornell, and University of Michigan have successfully utilized Intuitive Energy methods for Psychology and Lifestyle management.    

Life has changed. 

Illuminating energy is the new psychology. 

Innovative treatments for the fast paced technology world.  

Being social is not work.  

At Lovetechenergy, we blend new age concepts with evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy for a highly stylized new life and vibe.  Psychology is not old school.  It's not misery.  We bring fun and warmth to our clients with all of the latest techniques from the technology community so our clients can vibe bright af.  Browse our meditation collections and effervescent psychology seminars available at our store today.

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Our Mission at lovetechenergy

At lovetechenergy, our mission is to strengthen and revitalize cultural traditions by creating a sustainable and popular market for their crafts. Our goal is for artisans to achieve financial independence.

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Strengthening Through Community

Through our initiatives and by breaching the gap between the insurance market and the high end holistic community, we hope to help these individuals find tools to manage social anxiety and stress.

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Everything is to be Examined

We believe in evidence based cognitive behavioral therapy, which looks at destructive thought patterns and helps our clients find the correct pattern to help them.  We also believe in holistic treatment, that encourages clients to find the inner wisdom within.  Healing from anxiety is a lifelong educational process and lovetechenergy supports the journey with wicked educational tools.

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Sustaining Health

With a focus on exercise, lovetechenergy provides innovative fitness routines for the high vibe lifestyle.

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Intuitive Guidance

By utilizing the importance of our clients connecting with inner guidance and wisdom, lovetechenergy connects to the deepest wisdom within us all.

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Intuitive Psychology

Energy Expert

Brenna Fitzgerald is an Intuitive Energy Psychology expert with more than 10 years experience advising clients in the technology field on the optimal ways to receive their inner guidance for work and life success.  Her specialty is anxiety and how to create a lasting sense of calm and peace with meditation and yoga while framing oneself for a busy workday.

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2100 Geng Road Suite 210
Palo Alto, CA 94303

616 676 6414

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Thank you for all your help this year, I continue to remind myself everyday the lessons you taught me and try to use them as best as I can.

Sonny, Facebook

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